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Murata has introduced a series of 500V-rated low loss monolithic ceramic capacitors for high-frequency applications in power amplifiers for mobile communication, and Wimax and LTE base stations.

The GQM22 series is a 500V-rated MLCC with base metal electrodes, featuring high Q-factor, tight capacitance tolerance and good high-frequency characteristics.

Although the use of base metal electrodes has been known to be effective in reducing loss and improving Q-factor, their use had until now been accompanied by problems involving characteristic adjustments and firing conditions, among other issues.

With the addition of the GQM22 series, Murata has used its materials technology and co-fired ceramic technology to make the use of base metal electrodes possible.

The GQM22 series is said to be ideal for matching or coupling circuits used in applications such as power amplifiers for mobile communication, Wimax and LTE base stations, as well as other related high-frequency RF modules.

Together with Murata’s existing 100V- and 250V-rated products, the introduction of the GQM22 series makes high Q and low ESR possible at VHF, UHF and GHz frequencies.

The devices feature a 40 per cent improvement in Q at 1MHz over Murata’s general-purpose medium- and high-voltage capacitors.

With dimensions of 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.15mm and capacitance ranging from 0.5pF to 100pF, the GQM series may be used for tight tolerance products (around capacitance tolerance +/- 0.1pF).

DC withstand voltage is 1,250V Q-factor may be calculated as follows: Q>800+20C where C is the nominal capacitance of the product in pF and is between 1 and 30pF.

Above 30pF, Q>1400, measured at 1MHz.

Operating temperature range of the GQM22 series is -55C to +125C.

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