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Emerson Process Management has announced the availability of the Model 2400S transmitter with next-generation MVD technology on its hygienic Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis meters.

The Model 2400S transmitter expands meter installation options for H-Series Coriolis meters to include integral or remote mounting in the field or control room mounting using a DIN-rail, panel or rack format.

Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis meters are suitable for the food, beverage and life-sciences industries.

The H-Series was designed to find the optimum balance between raw sensitivity to flow and density and the need for compactness and drainability.

Benefits include the ability to clean and drain the flow tubes while delivering high turndown capability with good flow, density and percentage concentration measurement performance in varying real-world conditions.

Thanks to its fundamental design and low drive frequency, the hygienic Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis meters offer immunity to entrained gas or two-phase flow.

The Model 2400S is available in either a standard painted aluminium or 316L stainless-steel housing rated to IP66 and IP67.

It can be coupled with the Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis meter, which is certified by the European Hygienic Equipment Design Group (EHEDG) and is 3-A authorised.

This measurement solution is suitable for applications requiring good cleanability, corrosion resistance and chemical compatibility in clean-in-place environments.

Emerson’s Micro Motion Model 2400S is equipped with next-generation MVD digital processing technology, which delivers complete meter verification.

The verification identifies sensor health, while the meter is in line and the process is flowing without secondary references.

This feature eliminates disruptions caused by traditional meter tests and ensures that the meter performs to original factory specifications.

With next-generation MVD technology, the Model 2400S provides a faster meter response time and advanced algorithms to deliver good performance in empty-full-empty (EFE) batching.

In EFE batching, the piping starts empty, fills with liquid, remains full for the duration of the batch and then empties upon completion of the batch.

This batching is commonly found with rail wagon or tanker truck loading and multi-product lines.

As the piping and the meter must be emptied between each fill, measurement can be a challenge when using a flowmeter that is configured only for liquid processes.

The Model 2400S on the Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis meters handles the application without losing measurement performance or accuracy, according to the company.

The Micro Motion H-Series meter delivers mass flow accuracy up to +/-0.1 per cent and volume flow accuracy up to +/-0.15 per cent on liquids, mass flow accuracy of +/-0.5 per cent on gases and liquid density accuracy up to +/-0.001g/cc.

With no moving parts to wear out or break down, no intrusive parts and no special flow or piping requirements, Micro Motion H-Series meters offer an overall hygienic metering solution for the food, beverage, life-sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

The H-Series is available with Devicenet or Profibus DP communication protocols in addition to Foundation fieldbus and traditional interfaces such as 4-20mA, frequency and Hart.

Devicenet and Profibus DP are used in the food, beverage and life-science industries with PLCs.

Direct digital communications with the PLCs mean that two wires can now carry secondary and tertiary process variables and instrument/process diagnostic information, as well as the primary measurement.

The result is that one instrument can provide flow, density and temperature measurements, eliminating the need for multiple sensors and the wiring/configuration costs associated with them.

Digital communications unlock instrument diagnostic information, such as drive gain, meter verification and other alarms.

The Micro Motion H-Series Coriolis meters with scalable transmitter architecture are part of Emerson’s range of digital field devices that power the Plantweb digital plant architecture.

Further cost savings, increased plant availability and enhanced safety and environmental compliance are said to be achieved when these flowmeters are integrated into the Plantweb architecture.

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