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Machine Vision Technology has introduced a camera inspection system that will add a range of quality controls to tablet and capsule counting systems.

It can inspect tablet and capsule colour, shape and size, can detect defects and can prevent product-mixing.

Each megapixel colour camera utilises a LCD monitor and custom lighting.

The cameras can scan an area equivalent to six lanes or conveying channels on tablet counting machines.

The cameras can detect colour variation, texture, surface and coating defects such as scratches, cracks and chips and can monitor size by length, width and diameter.

Camera software allows for menu selection of up to 400 products as standard, although this is expandable.

The menu also allows for recall of pre-saved product parameters; a live image-display provides information.

The cameras can make an analysis every 50 milliseconds.

The camera software identifies defective products through a signal to the counter, indicating where the defect has been detected.

The counter can be customised to force the defective tablet into a bottle for rejection, on discharge from the counting machine.

This system can be retrofitted and is suitable for all tablet counting systems currently available, including those produced by Pharma Packaging Systems, Swift Pack, Cremer and Countec.

Machine Vision Technology

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