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The latest demands by food retailers for future mandatory product label expiry date reading and verification have been met by Machine Vision Technology (MVT).

Incorporated into online manufacturing processes, the MVT system is able to read and verify product codes (including 1D barcode reading) and check corresponding expiry dates.

The product and date can be menu selected or translated from existing factory management systems.

The system can use dates or date codes from any equation or code sequencing required by the end customer.

The MVT solution is centred on camera-based technology using reliable optical character recognition (OCR) techniques.

The company has carried out installations at Premier Foods’ sites, where, for example, OCR is being used to read codes on top of cans, at typical speeds of 800 per minute.

This technology is now available to check expiry dates on labels or packaging.

MVT’s Product Label Verifier is claimed to be quick and easy to install, with no disruption to production.

It can be standalone if necessary with no dependence on existing factory automation or equally integrated into existing systems.

Usually placed at the end of the production line, there are various warning and process alternatives.

These range from a flashing alarm beacon to indicate mismatch to a reject divert capability, with a divert gate mechanism option, to a halt in production.

There is also full product and reject count monitoring.

Machine Vision Technology

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