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Mynah Technologies has released the Mimic v3.1.0 Simulation Software for operator training and automation system testing.

Mimic v3.1.0 includes Mimic Server, enhanced operator training manager and Component Studio instructor station, an enhanced OPC Server and a new HIMA Simulated IO driver.

Simulation Studio and Component Studio applications have also been updated.

The Mimic Server provides multi-user support to a single Mimic application based upon the Microsoft Server 2003 Remote Terminal Services.

This option allows up to ten users access to the same Mimic application from a standard Microsoft Windows XP or Vista desktop.

It allows remote access for simulation development, large-scale automation system testing or multiple operator training instructor stations.

The Mimic Access Control Layer was built as part of the Mimic Server.

This application works with Microsoft Server 2003 to coordinate the access requests of users on the system, to protect the integrity of the simulation database and to simplify the management of the multi-user simulation environment.

The operator training manager in Mimic v3.1.0 runs as a service instead of an application, allowing the user to configure training scenarios, take process snapshots and run operator training sessions directly from Mimic Explorer.

It also allows training sessions and process snapshots to be loaded and run from the graphical Mimic Component Studio.

Component Studio can now be used as an operator training instructor station and can drive ad-hoc training scenarios.

An enhanced OPC Server allows open access to process models, operator training scenarios, process snapshot controls and Mimic global registers.

This simulation information is available when the Mimic system is off or on-line.

This allows the user open access and integration with third-party simulation packages or data visualisation systems such as plant dashboards.

The Mimic v3.1.0 Simulated IO Driver for HIMA provides a simulation interface for the HIMA RTS Soft PLC Visualization Gateway application.

It can be used with a HIMA system or in combination with any basic process control system that uses HIMA for the safety system.

Mimic users on Mimic Software Support can upgrade to Mimic v3.1.0 for free.

Mimic works with many off-line process control systems, including Emerson Process Management DeltaV, Schneider Electric Unity and Quantum platforms, Previse ABB Simulator and other automation systems that support the OPC or Open Modbus TCP/IP protocols.

Mimic allows the selective application of dynamic, accurate process models, reducing the cost and time of developing simulations for operator training and automation system testing.

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