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The MZR range of low-flow, miniature, positive-displacement micro annular gear pumps from Michael Smith Engineers provides the precise, accurate and smooth, low-pulse pumping and dispensing of a variety of liquids, including low- and high-viscosity fluids.

The ultra-compact size and low mass of these pump and motor units ensure that they can be easily incorporated into the designs of many systems and are suitable for OEM applications.

The range comprises six series of pumps, all of which provide smooth, accurate, virtually pulse-free liquids pumping and dispensing, along with additional features and benefits depending on the model.

All MZR micro-annular gear pumps are designed to deliver low pulsating flows and can be used on non-lubricating liquids. Their output is accurate and precise (typically to ±1 per cent subject to duty parameters); they have low dead volumes; and there is a wide choice of wetted material options and combinations.

The pumps are said to be ideal for OEM system builders, analytical instrumentation manufacturers, fuel-cell development, continuous processing applications and low-volume dosing and dispensing applications.

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Types of MZR pumps

  • The High Performance Series constructed in stainless steel is designed for pumping low- and high-viscosity liquids of 0.3–1,000,000cP at capacities from 0.0015–1,152ml/min at differential pressures up to 100 bar.
  • As the name suggests, the Low Pressure Series, also in stainless steel, handles low-viscosity liquids from 0.3–1,000cP, covering capacities from 0.0015–1,152ml/min at differential pressures to 5 bar. These pumps are said to be ideal for less demanding applications, such as transferring low volumes of non-lubricating liquids.
  • The Hermetic Inert Series, which features leak-free magnetic couplings, Hastelloy-C construction with SiC and tungsten carbide wetted parts, are designed to withstand the challenges of more aggressive liquids. They can handle liquids with viscosities from 0.3–1,000cP and capacities from 0.024–1,152ml/min at differential pressures to 60 bar.
  • The Magnetic Hermetic Series also features stainless steel wetted materials with a leak-free magnetic coupling and integral controller and is suitable for handling liquids that tend to crystallise or are moisture sensitive. These pumps handle capacities from 4.8–72ml/min at differential pressures to 5 bar and liquids with viscosities from 0.3–1,000cP.
  • Pumping applications requiring a wider choice of chemically resistant wetted materials will benefit from the Modular Pump Series, which handles capacities from 0.0015–299ml/min at differential pressures to 40 bar. The pumps are suitable for liquids with viscosities from 0.3–10,000cP.
  • Where applications require pumps for an environment with an explosive atmosphere, MZR’s High Performance Series and Hermetic Inert Series with ATEX motors are the best option. Available in stainless steel or Hastelloy C construction, these models are designed for liquids with viscosities from 0.3–5,000cP and can handle capacities from 0.0015–1,152ml/min at differential pressures to 80 bar.

Michael Smith Engineers

Michael Smith Engineers Ltd,  the UK’s leading pump specialist for difficult liquid handling applications since 1971,  provide representation in the UK for specialist pump manufacturers, with particular emphasis on sealless leak free pump technology.  Our product range includes magnetically driven gear pumps, magnetically driven centrifugal pumps (including metal, plastic and lined centrifugals),  canned motor centrifugal pumps, peristaltic pumps, tubular diaphragm pumps, metering pumps, valveless piston pumps, turbine  pumps,  high pressure diaphragm pumps, vane pumps and barrel emptying pumps. We can supply pumps in a wide choice of wetted materials for liquids between 0.2 cP and 500,000 cP, temperatures between -50 oC and +400 oC,  capacities from nanolitres per hour to m3  per minute and can offer pumps for  high system pressures up to 350 Bar and high discharge pressures up to 500 Bar.  Corrosion resistant materials are available for many of our ranges include metallic options of stainless steel and high nickel alloys or plastic options of PVC,  polypropylene, PVDF and ETFE. The main markets we service with our ranges of pumps are the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and process sector with our larger pumps  as well as laboratories, research and development institutions and OEMs with our smaller pumps.  

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