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Nafems has announced that it is to hold an online training course on dynamic finite-element analysis (FEA).

The objective of the course, which will run from 11 May until 29 June 2010 comprising one two-hour session each week, is to break down the dynamic problem into clearly defined steps, to give an overview of the physics involved and to show how to successfully implement practical solutions using FEA.

The course is completely code independent and no software is required.

Each topic will be presented using an overview of the physics and theory involved.

The maths is kept simple and the emphasis is on practical examples from real life to illustrate the topic, according to the company.

The mapping to FEA techniques is shown with workshops.

The tutor will run analysis interactively and involve the students in the process via question-and-answer periods during each session, follow-up emails and a course bulletin board.

According to Nafems, its e-learning courses are entirely web based.

A variety of web-based tools will be used, including Webex Meeting Center, discussion boards and collaborative e-rooms.

The course instructor will provide interactive projects and will involve the students in the process.

All the e-learning courses are accredited by Nafems and led by specialists in the engineering analysis community.

All of the courses will involve live instructor-led sessions.

Engineers rely on computer modelling and simulation methods and tools as vital components of the product development process. As these methods develop at an ever-increasing pace, the need for an independent, international authority on the use of this technology has never been more apparent. NAFEMS is the only worldwide independent association dedicated to this technology.

Companies from numerous industries and every part of the globe have invested heavily in engineering technologies such as FEA and CFD.

But –

How do they ensure they get the best return from their investment?

How do they develop and enhance their capabilities?

How do they know they are using the technology in the most effective way?

NAFEMS is uniquely placed to help answer these questions.

NAFEMS is a vendor neutral, not-for-profit membership association of more than 950 companies from all over the world. Members range from major corporations such as Boeing through mid-sized organizations such as JCB, to small-scale engineering consultants.

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