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The Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network (NanoKTN) will hold the Nanopharm Special Interest Group (SIG) on 16 December at Biopark Hertfordshire, Welwyn Garden City.

This event will focus on opportunities for nanotechnology in pharmaceuticals and the barriers to further commercial adoption.

The UK biotech and pharmaceuticals industry is a major success story, with exports of GBP17.2bn and a balance of trade of GBP6bn in 2008.

To ensure the UK remains a world leader in this area, government, academia and industry must support the next wave of technology.

The NanoKTN aims to raise awareness of the current issues facing those working within the pharmaceuticals industry, including the obstacles faced by academia and business.

Presentations will explore key areas where nanotechnology offers the most opportunity to advance and improve product discovery and development.

The event will look at examples of how nanotechnology has already been applied across a range of biomolecular interactions, along with an insight into the ways in which it can be integrated in the future.

Speakers confirmed for the event include: Bill Sprigings of Biopark Hertfordshire, Dr David Parry of Cyclofluidic, Dr Demetrios Sideris of Genetic Microdevices, Gary Newman of Dolomite and Gerry Ronan of Farfield Group.

All sectors of the pharmaceutical supply chain are encouraged to register for the Nanopharm SIG, including: anyone working within research-based pharma, biotech and medical-device companies; academics; research policy makers; and anyone else interested in learning about what nanotechnology has to offer the life sciences.

Students and researchers are invited to display research posters at the event.

Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network

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