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Nanolia is introducing a product said to enable virtually any machine to operate more efficiently, while reducing fuel costs by around 11 per cent and emissions by around 60 per cent.

Based on the latest German nanotechnology, the product – which is added to engine or gearbox oil – is a low-cost way to reduce the cost of operating machinery – from the smallest motors and generators to the largest marine diesel engines and including pumps, gearboxes and winches.

The product – which is not classed as a fuel or oil additive – is a nano coating that prevents engine metal wear so that gears, pistons and bearings become almost maintenance free with extended service life.

These smart coatings are easy to apply and help to drive sustainability, efficiency and cleaner air.

This nano coating technology modifies the surface texture of frictional metal parts and creates a new, very smooth metal silicate coating.

This metal-silicate coating reduces friction and increases efficiency, especially in older engines and gearboxes.

Due to optimisation of compression pressure in engines, oil and fuel consumption, emissions and CO2 exhaust gases are reduced.

The synthesised metal-silicate compound only has to be added to the original lubricant and is carried to the affected areas of the engine or gear box.

In the abrasion area, the metal silicates react due to high temperature and/or high partial pressure and conjoin with the metal surfaces, filling the smallest corrugations, pores or micro cracks in the metal surface, forming an extremely smooth and solid metal-silicate layer.

The treated metal-silicate surfaces are said to have a much lower friction coefficient and allow for a better and faster buildup of a lubricating film.

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