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With the L5918 model (56 mm installed size/Nema 23), Nanotec Electronic has extended the upper range of its line of electrical linear drives.

In addition to the low-friction threaded bushing made of high-performance thermoplastic material, the model is distinguished by its compatibility with plug and drive motors such as the PD4-N.

This makes the simplified designing of efficient, integrated linear systems possible.

Nanotec developed the L5918 linear actuator on the basis of its high-torque stepper motors, making it compatible with all of the manufacturer’s standard stepper motors.

At up to 1,000N thrust, the force coupling is carried out directly in the hollow shaft motor.

Even the strongest forces can be precisely regulated, with low energy requirements.

With regard to the L5918 model, the step resolution goes up to 0.01mm in full step.

In microstep and with an encoder, resolutions of up to 0.001mm can be attained.

A 200mm-long lead screw is available for the L5918 linear actuator.

The spindle pitch is 2mm.

Generally, the lead screws are clamped or attached to the part to be actuated.

If this is not possible or an unengaged lead screw end has to actuate the load, the L5918 – with an antirotationally safeguarded pushrod – is available as a ready-to-install linear positioning drive – for example, for highly dynamic and rigid machine designs or multimotor operation.

The L5918 is Closed Loop-capable and can be operated as a high-pole servomotor, together with an encoder (available as a standard option) and an appropriate controller with field-oriented control.

As a customer-specific variant, it is also possible to combine the L5918 with an integrated controller, such as in the PD4-N Plug and Drive motor.

With respect to a standard design construction – with linear axis, coupling, motor, encoder and controller, the only thing that is also necessary is a very compact unit for linear positioning.

This compactness is a major advantage, particularly where manual format adjustment is to be automated in existing machinery.

As with all hybrid linear actuators from Nanotec, threaded bushings made of polyetheretherketone high-performance plastic are also used for the L5918 motor.

They are also extremely wear resistant, even when subjected to high thermal and mechanical loading.

Consequently, the thermoplastic nuts from Nanotec offer significantly better sliding properties compared with conventional threaded bushings made of bronze, because there is much less friction and they are nearly twice as efficient.

The motor’s life cycle is higher and the maintenance effort is less due to the self-lubricating nuts.

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