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NASA has used Shieldex plated textiles in the construction of an EMI/RFI portable shielded enclosure in a class 1000 clean room at NASA’s Jet Proposition Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

It is the first US-based clean room-acceptable shielded enclosure, and is now in service to test and run diagnostics on the Mars Science Laboratory rover and other spacecraft.

The test chamber has a volume of 9,375ft3, with an inside dimension of 25 x 25 16ft high, designed to give performance of 85dB from 30MHz to 1GHz average.

Made from plated textiles including Shieldex PF35230CR, which can be cleaned to meet the requirement of a class 1000 clean room, it is designed to have no sloughing or particle release.

The tent also has fire-inhibiting outer layer Shieldex RTF151FRCR.

This product design for clean room use also addresses the issues of out-gassing and particle content, and safety concerns.

The inside of the EMI/RFI enclosure is specially designed with clean room ESD curtains to further add to the safety of the test components and personnel inside.

Custom-designed bolt-in bulkheads manufactured by Action Systems allow for data and power to be accessed inside the test chamber, these panels are designed to be removable and interchangeable.

Custom-developed door design using NO magnets and a weighed floor seal also add to the performance of the test chamber.

Many options and accessories are available to provide a full system product for your application.

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