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Reynard has completed a Phase II SBIR development programme for the navy by delivering a specialised, multi-functional optical filter.

The filter integrates several optical functions into a single device, including: narrow bandpass filter; wide out-of-band blocking; and novel arc-gradient variable filter.

The solution was based on a combination of custom-designed thin-film filters, utilisation of specialised filter glass, and the development of proprietary tooling for the implementation of the gradient function.

The final filter met the environmental and durability requirements of MIL-PRF-13839B and MIL-C-48497A.

The arc-gradient function had to follow a precise exponential function that changed optical density from OD 0 to OD 6 in less than 0.25in.

It also had to make this transition in a radial-arc segment.

Specialised coating tooling, as well as metrology instrumentation, were designed and built to implement and validate the gradient function.

The filter design targeted air-to-air missiles commonly used in navy fighters and can be adapted for the specific needs of other optical target detectors.

The filter fits into a small space and provides the necessary optical filtering.

Reynard’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) design approach, utilising available discrete optical elements, could not be used due to the system requirements and limited space.

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