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NCG CAM Solutions has a demonstration version of its CAM software, NCG CAM, available to download.

The demonstration version of NCG CAM has unlimited usage and while there are restrictions to the machining output, it can also be used in its basic form as a free .iges viewer.

NCG’s HSM CAM software is a standalone CAM system that integrates with existing CAD and CAM systems, including Pro/Engineer and SolidWorks.

It is suitable for all types of forms, creating a smooth cutter motion for 3D HSM machining, while helping to extend tool life, minimising wear on the machine tool and producing parts with a high surface finish.

It is suitable for the high-speed machining of moulds, dies, prototypes and precision surface machining.

Features user-friendly interface; advanced 3D machining routines, rest roughing and 3 + 2 capabilities for all toolpaths, with simultaneous five-axis add-on module available; roughing strategies, including core roughing; advanced drilling routines, including automatic hole detection and/or user-defined holes; all machining routines are fully gouge protected for the cutter and tool holder; rest area option for finishing strategies to minimise any air cutting; standalone CAM software that is compatible with any other CAD package; one-day training required to machine a live job; suitable for shop-floor programming; all post-processors written in-house; powerful 3D machining; and toolpaths optimised for HSM machining.

NCG CAM Solutions

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