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NCG CAM Solutions has announced that NCG CAM now supports the Solidworks 2010 3D computer-aided-design (CAD) software.

Solidworks 2010 is focused on optimising core design functions so that users can more quickly achieve their goals.

The new version of Solidworks features new capabilities, such as rapid dimensions, enhanced mirrored components and heads-up mouse gesturing.

These capabilities let designers and engineers work faster while minimising menu navigation.

The NCG CAM HSM CAM software is a standalone computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) system that integrates with existing CAD and CAM systems, including Solidworks.

A Solidworks Solution Partner product, NCG CAM allows users to open Solidworks parts directly.

NCG CAM detects when a Solidworks file has been changed and the user can then update the toolpaths that have been generated in NCG CAM.

It is suitable for all types of forms, creating an optimised, smooth cutter motion for 3D HSM machining, while helping to extend tool life, minimising wear on the machine tool and producing parts with good surface finish.

NCG CAM is claimed to have a user-friendly interface, with a typical learning curve of one day required to machine a live job.

It is suitable for the high-speed machining of moulds, dies, prototypes and precision surface machining.

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