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NCMT will demonstrate Okuma’s two approaches to high-end, multifunctional machining on Stand 5228 at Mach 2010.

According to the company, the first is a new turning machine with an excellent milling capability on the B-axis and the second is an established machining centre incorporating a new turning function.

On a second, adjacent NCMT stand (5229), the company will present its other agency lines, including Okamoto grinders, Speroni toolsetters, Metalmax vibration analysis equipment, Big Daishowa tool holders and cutting tools and Xebec abrasive tools for deburring.

Okuma’s new multifunction machine is suitable for turning components with up to 22kW of main spindle power and, in the same setup, performing five-axis machining operations using a milling spindle rated at up to 16kW mounted on a swivelling, 225deg B axis.

The model on show at Mach will be the smallest in a series of machines with capacities from less than 200mm up to 1,000mm in diameter and up to 6m between centres.

Called Multus B200, the slant-bed lathe is capable of high-accuracy machining in a normal shop-floor environment, as tests have shown thermal deviation to be less than 10 microns over a 24-hour period despite a variation in ambient temperature of 8C.

This performance is a result of the application of Okuma’s patented Thermo Friendly Concept to both the machine structure and the spindle, together with the use of 0.1-micron-resolution linear scales in the orthogonal axes.

The machine also incorporates the manufacturer’s new OSP-P200 control, which uses an industrially hardened PC to run both the Okuma operating system and Windows XP.

The control features a comprehensive collision prediction and avoidance system.

The entire machining area – right out to the spindle head, slideways and guarding – is monitored in real time during an automatic machining cycle, or in manual mode, preventing the axes being wound by hand into a collision situation.

The mill-turning machine on show will be the established MU-500VA five-axis vertical machining centre, featuring a new turning capability.

The machine offers a table rotated by a direct-drive motor at up to 1,000rev/min, or 12,000rev/min in lathe function, allowing components to be turned in conjunction with a static tool in the spindle.

The design is based on a fully integrated trunnion swivelling horizontally through +20deg/-110deg and carrying a 360deg rotary table.

They respectively add A and C axes to an X/Y/Z envelope of 1,250 x 660 x 540mm.

The maximum weight of the component that can be supported is 500kg.

Trunnion rotation is fast at 50rev/min and repeatability is 0.001deg.

Both the trunnion and table provide greater rigidity than add-on compound units.

The speed of operation extends to the linear axes, with 40m/min rapid traverse in X and Y and 32m/min in Z, the latter speed also being the maximum cutting feed rate throughout the entire working volume.

Spindle options are 11kW or 22kW, delivering up to 15,000rev/min, while table drive for turning is rated at 15kW.

There is also a choice of magazine capacity of 20, 32 or 48 stations; automatic tool change time takes 1.8 seconds.

The third Okuma machine on the stand will be the LB3000EX flagship two-axis lathe, which is being shown with optional C axis and driven tooling.

It is available in two bed lengths, with distances between centres of 500mm or 1,000mm (the former will be exhibited).

The machine offers a maximum turning diameter of 580mm.

The LB3000EX offers X and Z rapid traverse rates of 25m/min and 30m/min respectively.

The machine can be equipped with two spindle sizes (22/15kW or 30/22kW) and a Y axis, allowing the lathe to be tailored to suit a variety of applications.

The model on show will demonstrate Okuma’s collision avoidance system and one-touch Excel spreadsheet function.

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