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HBM has upgraded its Ncode GlyphXE software, which is suitable for analysing and evaluating large amounts of data.

The Ncode GlyphXE version 2.0 features a new software module that automatically corrects irregularities in the measurement data, along with a multitude of additional improvements for easier and faster data visualisation.

The latest version of Ncode GlyphXE features a graphical user interface, which makes it simple to operate.

A new option for viewing data directly from the browser makes working with many data files more convenient than before.

This function is extremely beneficial when only a quick look at the measurement data is required, for example, to select the desired data set.

Graphical comparison of different measurement data – multiple measurements of the same test, for example – can easily be achieved by displaying the information on layers on top of each other.

Users can automatically correct any irregularities or negative effects in the measurement signals that may interfere with any subsequent analysis.

In long-term monitoring, for example, only individual – often infrequent – events are relevant.

In between these events, so-called flat lines can occur that expand the data volume and contain only static signal components that are now automatically corrected.

In addition, test results may drift because of temperature variations during long-term monitoring.

If a drift in a known measured value is detected, then the module initiates an automatic reset of the origin to facilitate test-value monitoring.

The new add-on module automatically corrects any irregularities resulting from electromagnetic interference affecting the measurement data in the form of spikes.

Automatically correcting irregularities – such as flat lines, drift and spikes – gives the user a clear and unambiguous display of relevant data.

HBM is a global market leader in test and measurement, and weighing technologies.Our state-of-the-art, innovative products set standards for precision throughout the world

HBM supply a wide range of instrumentation including: strain gauges; transducers for torque / force / weight / displacement / pressure & acceleration; data acquisitions systems; industrial electronics; laboratory & calibration electronics and analysis & control software

Whatever your measurement needs, whatever your industry, whether in: automotive, aerospace, rail, energy, transport, construction, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals and weighing, HBM can assist throughout your entire measurement chain

HBM also offer a range of additional services alongside its products, including: on-site technical support; training & seminars; verification and calibration; support & maintenance contracts, and stress measurement services

HBM operates 24 subsidiaries and sales offices in Europe, the Americas and Asia with approximately 1,200 employees.In addition, the company is represented in a further 40 countries worldwide

R&D and production facilities are located in Darmstadt, Germany, as well as in Marlborough, MA, U.S.A.and Suzhou in China

HBM is wholly owned subsidiary of Spectris plc, the specialist technology-based instrumentation and electronics controls company

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