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NDC Infrared Engineering is launching three thickness measurement gauges for the extrusion industry at the K2010 Show.

Said to be the most effective way to achieve true thickness measurement of clear and pigmented BOPP Films of single or multilayer composition, the revised FG710S NIR Sensor now has extended measurement capabilities to include voided BOPP films, as well as micro-porous battery separator film using a single sensor.

Unlike beta or X-ray sensors, the FG710S measures thickness, not mass, of voided film, resulting in flat film and rolls.

Its optics and measurement algorithms mean that a single gauge can be used for all types of film, including PET, PP, PE, PS, PVC, EVOH, PA, Surlyn and PMMA, measuring up to four different product constituents simultaneously.

Without the re-standardisation, source replacement, special scanner tolerancing or sensor cooling/conditioning needed for nucleonic-based gauges and the added benefit of measuring all film types, the revised FG710S is said to offer significant cost benefits.

The TFG710S-ER (Extended Range) film gauge has been engineered specifically for measuring a range of polyolefin-based films on lines where multiple thickness ranges are produced.

The sensor is said to achieve a high level of online measurement speed, accuracy and performance, even on films less than 2um thick.

Unlike the nucleonic alternatives, they are not affected by humidity, barometric pressure, gap temperature or airborne dust.

They require no re-standardisation and can be fitted to standard scanning systems.

The TFG710ER is a fantastic tool to assist processors trying to downgauge below 10um.

Also on show is the Optimike Shadow LED Sensor, which allows direct, single-sided thickness measurement of plastic sheet, foam and rubber products.

Unlike laser triangulation gauges, it is insensitive to surface characteristics, colour or porosity.

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