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Batoyle Freedom has revealed that Osborn Steel Extrusions is using Clearcut TA61 low-viscosity neat cutting-oil solution to help the company improve machining productivity.

Osborn Metals specialises in the manufacture of complex metal profiles and tubes used in a range of industries such as automotive, defence, aerospace and mining.

At its UK plant, Osborn Steel Extrusions manufactures steel and titanium extrusions.

The extrusion process at Osborn Steel provides a near net shape profile, which reduces material waste and cuts machining costs.

To allow them to manufacture thinner and more complex shapes, Osborn Steel, has continued to develop its processes and make technical improvements.

This included selecting the optimum neat cutting oil that is used to lubricate the machining operations that cut many of the different shaped sections in various grades of steel.

‘We want a neat cutting fluid that would improve productivity at no expense to product quality,’ said Tony Ward, director and general manager of Osborn Steel Extrusions.

Batoyle Freedom recommended using Clearcut TA61, a low-viscosity neat cutting-oil formulated from specially selected base stocks and fortified with performance-enhancing lubricity improvers.

The company said Clearcut TA61 is suitable for use when a high degree of dimensional accuracy is required.

Coupled with the ability to maximise cooling and ensure rapid removal of fine swarf, Clearcut TA61 is effective in maintaining optimum tool life and surface finish.

Ward said: ‘We went with Batoyle’s recommendation and have since standardised on Clearcut TA61 for our manufacturing operation with a great deal of success.

‘Clearcut has met our expectations in being able to improve productivity without compromising the quality of our products,’ he added.

Clearcut TA61 forms part of Batoyle’s range of low-viscosity neat cutting-oils.

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