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Due to its circular cross-sectional area on all disc positions, DVD Valves’ new Needle Valve provides cavitation-free, silent and non-vibrating regulation of pressure, flow and level.

In fully closed position it provides drip-tight sealing and in fully open position it provides maximum flow capacity.

After the design stage and various tests done on computer software and in real world, DVD introduced the Needle Valve to its customers, ranging from DN 65 to DN 1,200.

It was also noted that sizes larger than 1,200mm will be available in the near future.

One of the most important advantages of a DVD Needle Valve is that, in all size ranges, it is produced from a single body.

There is therefore no need for another body connection to the main body in larger sizes, thus decreasing the weight and size of the valve.

Moreover, it eliminates possible leakage points.

Due to special drop-shaped inner-body design, it has higher Kv values and lower pressure losses than its rivals.

The plunger is free from the pressure on the line and the welded disc rails provide low friction loss, meaning only very low torque values are needed to operate the valve.

DVD Valves produces gate valves, check valves, air valves, strainers, dismantling pieces, irrigation hydrants and fire hydrants ranging from DN 40-1,200 and from PN 10-63.

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