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Nematron Europe has announced two further developments in its EP1000 series fanless touch-panel PC 24VDC power supply.

The EP1016 can now be ordered with a 24VDC power supply, and power cable connection is made through the Phoenix-type unpluggable screw terminal connector.

A further option is the ability to specify an optically isolated RS485 port to complement the RS-232 ports.

RS485 offers the benefits of low-cost local networks with high transmission speeds and spanning large distances.

However, all large RS485 networks can be at risk from transient power surges, ground loops, power faults and lightning.

In particular, lightning (even nearby) can cause multiple network damage and resultant downtime.

The high cost in lost production usually outweighs the cost of repairs by an order of magnitude.

Providing adequate protection can save the cost of both.

Fitting and maintaining additional optical isolation can often be difficult, involving expensive and bulky adaptors, power supply and extra cables.

The built-in opto-isolator of the EP unit reduces cost and avoids another engineering job.

The EP offers complete opto-isolation of the RS485 port with no special fitting or extra cables at less cost than buying and installing all the necessary parts for an external opto-isolator unit.

Nematron has been pioneering innovative computer and visualization solutions for the manufacturing and process industries for over 25 years.  During that time we have been credited with the development of the first Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Industrial PC. Today, Nematron has hundreds of thousands of systems installed worldwide and continues to develop innovative new solutions everyday.  Our customers have come to expect a manufacturing ethos with designed-in reliability, a design to reduce maintenance burden, overall low cost of ownership, commitment to availability over extended periods and above all Service that is second to none.

Nematron offers an extensive range of ruggedized Industrial PC platforms running under both Windows and Linux operating systems.  Embedded PCs for both static and mobile applications, Panel PCs, Industrial Monitors and Workstations with display sizes from 10.0″ SVGA up to 19″ SXGA and 19.0” Rack Mountable PCs to meet a wide range of manufacturing, telecommunication and process applications and including being Hazardous Location Certified.

Growth in Industrial PC technology remains as dynamic today as it has over the past 25 years, Nematron embraces new technology with over 25 years of experience to maintain a competitive edge; Nematron is a partner you can rely on.

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