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Neophotonics has announced the addition of the FVOA8000 and FVOA8100 variable optical attenuators (VOAs) to its range of MEMS-based VOAs.

VOAs are said to improve the performance of high-capacity (10-100Gbps) multiple wavelength systems (dense wavelength division multiplexing – DWDM) used in metro and long-haul network services by maintaining the optical power in each channel at optimal levels.

These devices are ultra-compact and Neophotonics said they can easily drop in to any optical network application.

The company added that all devices in the FVOA8000 family exhibit high-speed operation, high dynamic range, high attenuation accuracy, low excess loss, low polarisation dependent loss (PDL) and high off-state extinction.

The FVOA8000 is designed to operate for a single DWDM channel or a single wavelength at a time.

The FVOA8100 exhibits all of the performance of the FVOA8000 coupled with low wavelength dependent loss (WDL) across the entire C-band or L-band, making it ideal for applications where multiple DWDM channels must be attenuated simultaneously.

The FVOA8100 exhibits the speed, low WDL, low PDL and high attenuation accuracy that make it ideal for use in optical amplifiers.

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