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Neosens has launched the FS-1000 probe: a standalone plug-and-play solution providing precise results even in harsh environments and detecting fouling (Biofilm or scale) from only few microns.

A number of key features and improvements have been introduced to improve the accuracy and performance of the product and to meet challenging industrial requirements.

The new generation, based on Microsystems technology, allows users to quickly evaluate the presence of fouling phenomenon from only two microns inside any liquids – even fibrous or stagnant liquids.

The FS-1000 has been developed for applications such as cooling towers, heat exchangers and the pulp and paper industry, where the use of water and process water is crucial during industrial operations and the applications are numerous (CIP monitoring, water quality monitoring and sanitary risk prevention, for example).

The probe contains all the micro technology inside its head, which allows it to be standalone and to send results directly to the industrial control room thanks to its 4-20mA outputs.

With this plug-and-play solution, the users are able to build a ‘network’ of several autonomous probes plugged at various critical points to monitor their process effectiveness in their industrial site and therefore benefit from reduced operating costs, less environmental impact and health risk and the extended life of their equipment.

With this new FS-1000 in its product line, Neosens offers a disruptive solution in the field of online measurements.

The major differentiator to existing practices relies on the real-time, continuous measurements versus the present practice of batch sampling measurements.

This approach comes at a time where the pressure is at its highest point to respond to the environmental conditions and increasing health regulations.

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