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Operations and maintenance teams can now manage their Cummins gas generator sets remotely using Dexdyne’s Netrix system.

Dexdyne’s web-based product delivers detailed operating information about the generator sets in real time 24/7 to both engineering staff and management, wherever they happen to be.

Real-time information enables users to react rapidly to alarms and other exceptions and thus helps to optimise performance and efficiency of operation.

Dexdyne’s Netrix system not only provides remote monitoring but also remote control (including restart) of generator sets.

In addition to delivering very detailed real-time engineering data, it can also present the higher-level metrics that business managers need to monitor – historic power output, generator downtime, etc.

The Dexdyne Netrix system is fully scalable and customisable, enabling multiple generators and multiple sites to be managed through a single dashboard to suit the operational needs of an organisation, making it possible to manage a dispersed infrastructure efficiently and with ease.

The web-based dashboard allows different stakeholders within an operation to have access to information that is relevant to them.

The system has been further enhanced for Cummins to allow failure event analysis by capturing rapidly changing pre- and post-event data.

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