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SPX brand Lightnin has introduced the Nettco S-Series of stainless steel portable and fixed-mount mixers specifically designed for sanitary applications.

The Nettco S-Series is said to provide users with a choice of mixing and mounting configurations for open and closed vessels by utilising a modular assembly design.

As a result, with one mixer it is possible to configure a clamp-on, open-tank or sealed mixer design.

The mixer satisfies 3A standards for the food industry and is CE compliant.

It can be converted from one mounting arrangement to another in two minutes.

The mixer’s versatility is further emphasised by the availability of Hydrofoil, PBT and FP 100 (Marine Prop) impellers.

Described as an economical mixer, the versatility of the all-stainless-steel construction S-Series comes from the modular design concept of the base module, which contains a wash-down (IP55) inverter-ready motor and gear elements.

Four modules are available from stock: a clamp (Module P) and a fixed-mount (Module Q) for open tanks and two fixed-mount modules for closed tanks with a choice of mechanical seal (Module S) or lip seal (Module L) arrangements.

With direct drive and gear options, the S-Series accommodates a full range of shaft speeds and employs reverse taper attachments for added safety.

Shafts are available in lengths up to 2,100mm and in terms of tank capacity the mixers are suitable for tanks ranging between 500 litres and 20,000 litres.

By offering users a choice of impellers, a range of fluids can be handled.

The Hydrofoil impeller is suited to low-viscosity flow-controlled applications and is said to give a high degree of flow efficiency.

The FP 100 is recommended for applications requiring a moderate pumping action and powder-wetting capabilities.

The third choice of impeller – the PBT – can be used for low- and medium-viscosity flow duties.

Although superseded by the Hydrofoil impeller, the PBT still has a specific role in applications where a degree of fluid shear is beneficial to the overall process result.

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