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Napatech is launching intelligent real-time network analysis adapters based on PCI-Express Gen 2 with the introduction of the NT20E2 Capture adapter and NT20E2 In-line adapter products.

The NT20E2 In-line is suitable for applications that require both capture and transmit in real-time, such as intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and policy enforcement applications operating at 10Gbps line speed.

This is complemented by the NT20E2 Capture adapter, which provides full 20Gbps packet capture throughput over the PCI-Express Gen 2 bus.

‘With PCI-Express Gen 2, we can provide 20Gbps of traffic to the network appliance application software in real time,’ said Erik Norup, president of Napatech.

‘At the same time, we provide the off-load and acceleration features that will help the application software to cope with so much data.

‘It was important to design the NT20E2 to be drop-in compatible with existing NT20E cards and to be supported by the same driver software as other Napatech network adapters on Linux, FreeBSD and Windows,’ he added.

The NT20E2 Capture and In-line adapters offer features for pre-processing, off-loading and accelerating network appliance performance.

Both products are based on a low-profile form factor with SFP+ modules and PCI-Express Gen 2.

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