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Enclosures for rail

Rittal will be exhibiting a range of Network Rail and London Underground-approved enclosure systems used extensively within the rail network, rail telecoms and throughout the underground network at Railtex 2017. The company’s range of approvals includes PADS for track side and the S-1085 for the underground.

Rittal’s infrastructure system offers five modules: rack, power, cooling, security and monitoring and remote management. Based around Rittal’s TS 8 control cabinet and TS IT rack system platform, it offers maximum rack volumes, high levels of surface protection, stability and endless expansion possibilities.

The TS IT racks, for example, are simple and flexible enclosure systems that feature snap-in technology, flexible internal configuration, intelligent cable management system, vented
doors and multi-functional roofs.

Thermal performance, more than any other single element of the design, must form the base line for the design of any enclosure. Rittal Therm, design and calculation software can help users correctly identify the heat dissipation requirements within enclosures, and support their application and installation.

Enclosures have a vital role to play both in ensuring the safety and security of electrical equipment and also in protecting the people who operate it.

All Rittal’s enclosure systems are compliant with LUL specifications for Fire Safety Performance of Materials. They are widely applied across global networks including enclosure technologies, electronics packaging, power distribution, UPS, climate control, IT Solutions including high density cooling, kiosks, control and monitoring solutions, fuel cells, renewable energy solutions along with the integration and service to support these technologies.

For installations of outdoor free-standing enclosures, there are custom-built Rittal pre-cast concrete base/plinths which significantly reduce the time and cost of the install, as well as preventing disruption to services by removing the need to mix concrete and remove waste from site.

Other key products in the range include wall-mounted boxes and pole-mounting kits to fasten metal and non-metal enclosures to round and square poles.

Visitors to the show will also be able to find out more about the company’s popular busbar systems Ri4Power electrical power distribution system and latest Power Engineering planning software.

The software provides comprehensive support in planning and verifying standardised Ri4Power switchgear, as required by IEC 61439-1/-2 standard.

As with all Rittal’s solutions the power distribution range has been subject to the most stringent testing, demonstrating their capability to operate in the toughest and most demanding environments.

Rittal’s highly qualified team will be able to offer support across all stages of the project, from design through to installation and commissioning. Go to Stand N41.

Rittal is your top supplier worldwide for innovative enclosure and housing technologies from A to Z.

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