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Electrical safety technology experts Bender UK (part of the global Bender Group) has been awarded Network Rail product acceptance (PA05/07464) of its RS4 Tier 2 Intelligent Insulation Monitoring System after conducting successful live rail trials.

Bender’s RS rail signal power monitoring technology is designed to pinpoint and locate earth faults on the UK’s rail infrastructure. RS4 Tier 2 measures insulation resistance and leakage capacitances to individual feeder levels on rail IT electrical systems up to 690V, as well as delivering overall system resistance and capacitance provided by the RS4 Tier 3 system.

RS4 was developed collaboratively with Network Rail in response to the standard NR/L2/SIGELP/27725 Tier 1, 2, and 3 designed to reduce maintenance, service failures and improve staff safety by minimising trackside intervention, termed ‘boots on ballast’.

For over two decades Bender has pioneered the development of rail signal power monitoring in the UK, with thousands of Bender systems already installed and proven in use on the UK’s rail network. The roll out of RS4 Tier 3 began in early 2020, following full Network Rail product approval.

Bender UK offers a range of managed support services designed to offer the best strategic fit and greatest value for money for the rail industry, balancing benefits with affordability to improve the efficiency of rail network maintenance, enhance safety and reduce operating costs for the network.  These include maintenance, surveys and remote condition monitoring technologies designed to integrate seamlessly with future smart infrastructure, and advanced analysis of the data collected by monitoring Bender and third-party devices to identify trends and minimise the risk of failure, power loss and shutdown.

Bender UK is exhibiting at Railtex 2021, NEC, Birmingham, 7-9th September, stand no F61.


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Bender UK is a subsidiary of Bender GmbH – a global, independent company established in the 1940s by Walter Bender. The family owned company has 80 offices worldwide, with headquarters and state of the art production facilities in Grunberg, Germany.

Bender is involved in the innovative design and manufacture of quality electrical safety solutions, serving a range of market sectors delivering solutions which identify electrical faults before they become critical. Key markets include defence, oil, gas and mining, manufacturing, data centres, electric vehicles, rail and healthcare.

Cumbrian based Bender UK is responsible for sales, project management, installation and through-life technical support of Bender products in the UK and Ireland.  The Bender UK team work with leading OEMs, consultants, engineers and end-users to deliver solutions which monitor, forewarn and locate developing insulation failure in complex electrical systems.

Bender UK works in key market sectors, to prevent loss of power and shut-down:

Industrial: Residual current monitoring and power quality management devices monitor electrical networks, plant, and buildings to ensure that they are electrically safe. Bender systems provide a continuous health check on electrical systems delivering far-reaching and cost-effective benefits by predicting when and where issues will occur, tracking power usage to identify potential energy savings.

E-Mobility: Bender is a world leader in the application of safety solutions for charge stations and operating systems for hybrid and electric vehicles.  Collaborating with major manufacturers on passenger, transport and commercial vehicle projects, Bender supplies compliant charge station technologies and insulation monitoring for new generation vehicles.

Rail: An approved supplier to Network Rail, Bender UK technology monitors and protects trackside power supplies and signal systems across the UK, identifying and locating electrical faults, anticipating failure to enable predictive and preventive maintenance, keeping rail networks moving.

Oil, Gas and subsea: Effective management of offshore, on-shore and oil and gas infrastructure is facilitated by Bender line insulation monitoring equipment to prevent downtime and loss of production. Bender also collaborates with OEMs on bespoke offshore and sub-sea applications, utilising certified engineers to conduct fault finding analysis, health surveys and commissioning.

Defence: Complex systems on board Royal Navy surface ships and Astute-class submarines are protected by Bender technology to identify and locate earth faults and help prevent electrical failure.

Healthcare: In the UK and Ireland, Bender is market leader in turnkey healthcare solutions, delivering critical care power systems to protect staff and patients from loss of power in hospitals.   Bender also supplies clinical equipment including high performance Merivaara LED surgical lighting and operating tables, infection-reducing touch screen control panels, and clinical services pendants, backed up by 24/7 service, call-out and technical support support to over 400 hospitals.

From off-the-shelf products, to highly customised systems Bender is a supplier of choice to deliver world-class services for critical infrastructure applications.

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