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Netzsch Pumps has supplied two of its NM063SS01L06B pumps to Ancillary Components in Northampton to replace standard progressing cavity pumps in order to provide improved service life.

The materials that are fed through the new pumps into the plant are all biomass, including animal by-products and wastes, blended to typically 50 per cent dry solids content by weight.

The plant runs continuously except for brief outages for planned maintenance and the pumps now require a stator change after about six months, which is twice as long as expected and much longer than the original pumps could manage.

The Netzsch pump features an IFD stator that allows the elastomer to flex when in contact with abrasive particles, thereby reducing the abrasive effect on both itself and the metal rotor.

The IFD stator also carries an environmental pedigree as it not only allows for smaller drives, due to the lower breakaway torque, it can also be recycled as it was developed in conjunction with the German Environmental Foundation (DBU).

The IFD stator can be retro fitted to most modern Netzsch pump models.

Ancillary Components said it was pleased with the performance of the pumps and has since ordered more units.

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