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Air-operated cranes and crane kits manufactured by J D Neuhaus are supplied for operation in hazardous areas as standard.

This includes options providing increased spark protection up to explosion group IIC, as well as customised crane assemblies to comply with customer-specific installation requirements.

The range of products includes overhead travelling cranes in single-/double-girder top running and low-headroom underslung varieties, as well as slewing-jib cranes.

These products are equipped with rugged monorail hoists or chain hoists in motorised trolleys that utilise compressed air for motive and load handling functions.

These are also provided with pendant controllers that cover all the crane-functional operations.

Twin hoists providing parallel or synchronised lifting operations can be supplied and load capacities up to 100 tonnes and maximum spans of 36m can be accommodated.

The crane kits, suitable for assembly by crane suppliers and end users, can be used for the manufacture of overhead travelling cranes with a load capacity of 12 tonnes and underslung cranes of up to eight tonnes loading.

The individual components include end carriages (type ELV for overhead travelling units and type EDL for underslung mounting).

These are designed for use with a single span beam providing the hoist support and running platform.

Crane-drive motors are also supplied, together with space saving energy-chain systems for the crane air-supply system, including long- and cross-travel requirements.

A trolley-mounted hoist with pendant controller for all crane and hoist movement operations is supplied, together with travel-limit switches and trolley buffer.

The necessary air connection (junction boxes) and air maintenance (filter/regulator) units are also provided as part of the kit.

All JDN products are backed up with a worldwide service, while being insensitive to dust, humidity, aggressive atmospheres and operating temperatures from -20 to 70C.

The equipment also provides large power reserves due to the high starting torques of the air motors, ensuring 100 per cent duty ratings with no downtime.

Fail-safe braking, overload protection and emergency stop features provide operating safety, with limit-switch arrangements for end travel, anti-collision and the establishment of protected zone status.

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