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An interchangeable chuck attachment for accurately sharpening morse taper and common shank drills is now available for the Darex XT3000 Xpandable Tool Sharpener.

The new Darex accessory, available from 1st Machine Tool Accessories (1st MTA), is suitable for 3-12mm (1/8 – 31/64in) diameter No 0, 1 and 2 morse taper or common shank drills.

It allows standard or split-point tools to be quickly and effectively reground at any angle between 118 and 150 degrees.

It also enables each drill’s tip profile to be controlled precisely, including the required relief angle and split-point configuration.

The Darex XT3000 is an affordable drill-sharpening system that is designed to grow with customers’ individual requirements.

It meets or exceeds international aerospace standards for controlling key geometry variation – ensuring precise drill performance.

It also incorporates roller bearings for consistent accuracy over an extended service life and is supplied with two stainless-steel chucks for sharpening drills up to 21mm (13/16in) as standard.

The XT3000 is equipped with long-lasting, super abrasive CBN wheels for high-speed steel and cobalt drills, or it can be supplied with diamond wheels for carbide tooling.

Both wheel types are zero-maintenance and will never require dressing.

The new chuck attachment is the latest addition to an expanding range of XT3000 optional modules that includes a large-capacity unit for drills up to 30mm diameter (1.18in) and a countersink module for regrinding Weldon type or single flute countersink tools.

A dedicated step-drill unit for sharpening tools with a maximum pilot diameter of 12.7mm (1/2in) and step sizes up to 21mm (53/64in) is also available, along with attachments for sheet-metal point (Brad Point) and 90-degree point drills ranging from 3-21mm (1/8 – 13/16in) diameter.

All accessories are fitted to the XT3000 base by hand and can be adjusted without the need for tools.

The sharpener is powered by a rugged 1/4HP motor, which is rated for continuous use.

The system’s enclosed design incorporates a vacuum-extraction port for clean and safe operation.

1st Machine Tool Accessories

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st Machine Tool Accessories Ltd specialises in high quality workholding equipment and associated products from the world’s leading producers.

1st MTA:

·         provides technical assistance via trained representatives including site visits and demonstrations where possible;

·         is constantly expanding and updating the product range to give customers the best possible choice;

·         offers bespoke/customised solutions;

·         provides the easiest and most efficient way to order all your machine tools and accessories by phone, fax or on-line.

The product range includes:

·         Kitagawa:

o   Chucks: power, collet, manual, speciality and all accessories.

o   Cylinders: hydraulic and pneumatic.

o   NC Rotary Tables.

o   Vises: precision machine.

·         Fixturing and Clamping Parts.

·         Collets:

o   Varibore,

o   Spring,

o   Emergency

o   Pull back.

·         Chick Workholding: the leader in modern workholding for modern CNC machines.

·         Brighetti Reduction Bushes:

o   Slotted

o   Cylindrical

o   Conical

o   Elastic

o   Fixed by dowels.

·         OK Vise: low-profile clamping.

·         Mitee Bite: versatile, cost-effective clamping – fast and easy operation.

·         Cooljet High Pressure Coolant.

·         Magnetic Filtration

·         Bison:

o   Chucks: manual and power;

o   Hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders;

o   Precision machine and bench vises;

o   Rotary tables and indexing fixtures

·         Abbott Workholding:

o   Pie jaws;

o   Tooling columns.

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