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New for 2018! The Techsil Catalogue features products from industry leaders including Momentive Performance Materials, Henkel LOCTITE, Panacol, Hoenle, Power Adhesives, Stokvis Industrial Tapes, BJB, ThreeBond, MG Chemicals and Nordson. The 13 page guide is offered in digital and print form and provides an overview of the extensive range of Adhesives, Sealants, Tapes and Dispensing Equipment available from Techsil. Sections include:

– Momentives’s 1 and 2 Part Silicones
– LOCTITE Hybrid Structural Adhesives, Cyanoacrylates and Threadlockers
– Panacol UV Curing Adhesives, Electrically Conductive Adhesives and Structural Bonding Adhesives
– Honle UV curing lamps and LED Curing Systems
– Power Adhesives tecbond® Hotmelt Glue Sticks, Bulk Hotmelt Adhesives and tec™ glue guns
– ITW Stokvis Structural Bond Tapes, Industrial Masking Tapes, Double Coated Foam Tapes and Die-Cut Self Adhesive Tapes
– BJB 2 part Thermosetting PU Casting Resins
– ThreeBond Engineering Adhesives, Threadlockers and Liquid Seals and Gaskets
– MG Chemicals’ Electronics Adhesives, Potting Compounds, Coatings, EMI/RFI Shielding, Greases and Solders
– Nordson Automated Dispensing Machines and Dispensing Consumables
– Techsil’s own brand Potting PU’s, Silicones, Epoxies, Thermal Interface Materials, Primers Pigments, Release Agents, Dispensing Tips and Needles.

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Distributors of a vast array of industrial Adhesives, Sealants, Tapes, Casting Resins and Dispensing equipment, serving a wide range of manufacturing industries including Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, LED Lighting, Product Assembly, Rapid Prototyping and Packaging. Techsil® are authorised distributors for Momentive’s adhesive sealants. A particular strength is our in depth knowledge of technical adhesive and sealant applications in real production environments and we pride ourselves in providing the best customer care and service.

Techsil® was set up in 1989 and with our commitment to quality, technical excellence and reliability we have evolved into one of the most trusted Adhesives and Sealants suppliers around. We are global distributors of a vast array of industrial Adhesives, Sealants, Tapes and Dispensing equipment, serving a wide range of manufacturing industries including Electronics, Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, LED Lighting, Product Assembly and Packaging to name just a few.

How Can We help You? When you need the best materials for bonding, potting, sealing, coating or overmoulding, Techsil’s Technical Experts will help in product selection, from silicones, hot melt adhesives, tapes, epoxies, hook & loop fasteners and polyurethanes to the latest innovative UV LED curing systems. Techsil® specialises in adding value to industry by providing you with a consultancy / problem solving service through materials technology and process improvement. We have gained an enviable reputation in customer care and service.

Through good partnerships with our suppliers, we are able to offer a complete range of solutions to include well-established product ranges and new, technologically advanced materials. We are authorised distributors for Momentive Performance Materials, ThreeBond, MG Chemicals, BJB, ITW Devcon, Power Adhesives, FastFixers, ITW Stokvis Tapes, VELCRO®, Araldite®, ChemTrend, Panacol and Hönle and we also have a growing range of Techsil’s own brand products.

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