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An engineering company has invented a new conveyor belt system for a leading chocolate manufacturer, saving time and manpower.

The confectionery giant previously had to stop manufacturing and call an engineer to reconfigure its laser-coding machines for each different product batch. Basingstoke-based firm LG Motion was employed to come up with a solution and developed a new system that could be operated by a line operator, was cost-effective and was resilient enough to deliver in a tough food-processing environment.

At the quality assurance part of the processing line, the products need to be laser-coded with batch details, date and product type. A digital camera then ensures the details are correct before being wrapped and shipped.

Previously, each time the manufacturing line switched to another product batch, the whole operation had to be stopped and an engineer had to adapt the set-up for the new pack size, resulting in costly downtime.

The solution was to install BiSlide and UniSlide linear dovetail slides to the benches, which sit under the conveyor belts. The manually operated linear slides are easy to use and allow line operators to quickly make reliable adjustments to within 0.1mm without the need for specialist measuring equipment.

The complete assembly of MiniTec modular aluminum profile bench and multi-axis configuration of linear slides sits under the existing conveyor lines and the lasers and cameras are attached to the UniSlide that allow for the fine adjustment.

It is also a non-magnetic and corrosion resistant solution, which is tough enough to do the job in a demanding food-packaging environment.

Gary Livingstone of LG Motion said: “The operation itself is now easier to operate and ensures a smooth-running of the product line. We are really pleased the new system works so effectively for our client, both on the factory floor and financially as well.”

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