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The Fluke 87V MAX true-rms Digital Multimeter (DMM) defines a new standard for operating in extreme conditions with the features and accuracy to troubleshoot most electrical problems. A development of the popular Fluke 87V, the 87V MAX is ideal for use in harsh environments with an IP 67 (waterproof and dustproof) rating, an extended operating temperature range of -15°C to +55°C (-40°C for up to 20 minutes) and up to 95% humidity, and has been designed and tested to withstand a 4m drop in its removable holster. It offers CAT III 1000V, CAT IV 600V safety ratings.

The Fluke 87V MAX will measure up to 1000V AC/DC and up to 10A AC/DC (20A for 30 seconds), with true-rms AC voltage and current readings for accurate measurements on non-linear signals. It also offers a capacitance range of 10,000μF, measures frequency to 200kHz, and can capture Min/Max/Average recordings, plus 150μs Peak min-max to capture variations automatically. It also features a built in thermometer, which conveniently allows temperature readings without having to carry a separate instrument. This offers an easy check whether overheating is involved in a system breakdown.

The 87V MAX true-rms Digital Multimeter provides the resolution and accuracy to efficiently troubleshoot motor drives, plant automation, power distribution, and electromechanical equipment even in loud, high energy, and high altitude locations. It takes the guesswork out of drive system troubleshooting. It includes a unique function for accurately measuring noisy signals at the variable frequency drive and at the motor terminals: special shielding blocks high frequency, high-energy noise generated by large drive systems. It correctly measures pulse-width modulated motor drive signals.

Other product highlights:

  • Resistance, continuity and diode test
  • Relative mode to remove test lead resistance from low ohms measurements
  • Large display digits, 2-level bright white backlight and backlit keypad buttons for increased visibility
  • High resolution 20,000 count display mode
  • Battery life doubled (up to 800 hours)
  • Reversible holster for added protection when not in use

The Fluke 87V MAX comes with a Fluke 80BK-A DMM Temperature Probe and is also available as part of a money-saving kit, the 87V MAX/E2 Combo Kit, which includes a ToolPak™ Magnetic Meter Hanging Kit, TL224 SureGrip™ Insulated Test Leads, AC220 SureGrip™ Alligator Clips, TL238 SureGrip™ Test Probes and a soft carry case.

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Fluke (UK) — Industrial Tools

Fluke, established in 1948, is an international business providing professional electronic test tools for a wide range of applications.

Fluke, established in 1948, is an international business providing professional electronic test tools for a wide range of applications.

As the world’s largest manufacturer in this category, Fluke focuses on keeping the world up and running for each customer. Every Fluke tool speaks volumes about the company’s planning, engineering and application expertise.

It shows in every detail, from the innovative electronics and award-winning design to the safety engineering and quality of workmanship.

With a rich history spanning more than 50 years in test and measurement, Fluke has become one of the most trusted brands, distinguished by innovation, design, precision and safety.

Fluke products are sold and serviced in more than 100 countries around the world. The product portfolio includes handheld digital multimeters, electrical testers, power quality rools, Scopemeters, thermal-imaging cameras and temperature measurement equipment, indoor air quality, process and calibration tools.

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