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Ideal for Industrial maintenance and troubleshooting

Fluke has introduced the new Ti300+ professional 320 x 240 resolution thermal imaging camera. The Fluke Ti300+ has the resolution and accuracy needed to clearly reveal temperature differentials or demonstrate progressive heat changes over time. Equipped with LaserSharp™ AutoFocus, the Ti300+ ensures focused images every time and enables the user to get clear images while maintaining a safe distance from operating equipment.

The Fluke Ti300+ Thermal Camera features 320 x 240 resolution, can measure temperatures up to 650°C, is engineered and tested to withstand a 2-metre drop and has manual or automatic focus. The Ti300+ offers the ruggedness and ease-of-use that professionals expect from Fluke for exacting reliability inspections, industrial maintenance, building diagnostics and troubleshooting.  For more information, please visit

Focus matters – Ti300+ intelligent focus system

Patented Fluke LaserSharp Auto Focus uses a built-in laser distance meter that provides both speed and precision. The laser-driven target detection pinpoints the target while the camera focuses to capture a precise, high-quality image. This offers:

  • easy capture of high-quality, focused images of the desired target with the push of a button
  • capture of infrared images through common obstacles like chain link fences
  • avoidance of skewed temperature measurements by precisely choosing the target
  • performing the same inspections multiple times as a part of a preventive maintenance programme – the built-in laser distance meter calculates and displays the distance to the target, making repeatability much easier.

The Ti300+ thermal camera is compatible with Fluke Connect™, the largest integrated system of maintenance software and tools in the world. Fluke Connect desktop software helps manage data, capture multiple measurements (mechanical, electrical and thermal), and organise them by piece of equipment into professional reports.

Fluke has revamped its entire line of industrial thermal cameras with more premium features packed into every model, providing higher value for the customer and allowing the company to reduce the number of cameras it offers to simplify the buying process. For more information about all Fluke products, please visit the Fluke web site at

Fluke (UK) — Industrial Tools

Fluke, established in 1948, is an international business providing professional electronic test tools for a wide range of applications.

Fluke, established in 1948, is an international business providing professional electronic test tools for a wide range of applications.

As the world’s largest manufacturer in this category, Fluke focuses on keeping the world up and running for each customer. Every Fluke tool speaks volumes about the company’s planning, engineering and application expertise.

It shows in every detail, from the innovative electronics and award-winning design to the safety engineering and quality of workmanship.

With a rich history spanning more than 50 years in test and measurement, Fluke has become one of the most trusted brands, distinguished by innovation, design, precision and safety.

Fluke products are sold and serviced in more than 100 countries around the world. The product portfolio includes handheld digital multimeters, electrical testers, power quality rools, Scopemeters, thermal-imaging cameras and temperature measurement equipment, indoor air quality, process and calibration tools.

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