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A new generation of human collaborative robots which combine important key features and benefits to ensure powerful, robust and safe application capabilities have been introduced by YASKAWA. The YASKAWA Motoman HC20DT robot is the latest example of Yaskawa’s expanding range of Motoman Smart Series robotic solutions which are helping users to meet the rapidly changing demands and adaptation of new manufacturing practices.

The Motoman HC20DT is a 6 axes robot which combines the powerful capabilities of handling payloads up to 20kg, the flexibility of a reach of up to 1700mm with the highest levels of safety. This represents ‘game-changing’ COBOT potential for applications such as automated palletising which have until now been limited by the payload capacity and working envelopes of other typically available robots. Depending on the application it can be switched between safe / collaborative mode in phases of man-robot interaction and returning to high industrial speed when the absence of the operator is detected by additional safety devices.

Operator safety is assured thanks to features such as power and force limit technology that stops the robot in case of contact with an operator while the robot arm geometry is designed to avoid finger pinch points. Also, the robot arm can be guided by an operator and robot positions and gripper operation can be registered via ‘Teach’ and ‘Tool’ buttons. These features also contribute to time saving during programming and where the application requires additional protective measures, such as safety fences, these can be added in line with risk assessments.

Unlike traditional and more complex robot execution which typically requires significant upfront investment in training, the Smart Series technology provides simple, intuitive programming and operation methods for operators.

Easily adaptable to today’s rapidly changing manufacturing requirements, these robots can be quickly deployed and re-deployed for the next job.

Among the other important features are a fully industrial robot controller, the YRC1000 and YRC1000 micro, safety by design with smooth rounded edges, internal cable routing, a functional safety unit and safe force / torque sensors for all 6 axes. The HC20DT complies to safety standards for industrial robots ISO 10218-1 (5.10.5 power and force limiting), compliance to ISO TS 15066 and they also meet the safety functions for controllers to ISO 13849-1, PLd, Cat 3.

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Contact: Jonny Grey, UK Sales & Marketing Manager, Motoman YASKAWA.            Tel: +44 (0) 1295 272755

YASKAWA offers the whole range of products equipped with the required logic:

High-performance controllers for example which can meet system requirements of distributed control systems or machines with regard to memory capacities and speed, operation and visualization devices, high-performance machine controls for a large number of synchronous axes, decentral input and output modules, servo-drives, inverter drives as well as robots for a wide range of applications.

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