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At EuroMold in Frankfurt, EOS introduced a new metal material, NickelAlloy IN625, suited to motor sport applications, and two new plastics, PrimePart FR and PrimePart ST, suitable for laser-sintering.

EOS NickelAlloy IN625’s material properties, such as its high-tensile strength, excellent processability and uniform corrosion resistance, make it suitable for use in aerospace, chemical, motor sport and marine-industry applications.

Morris Technologies uses IN625 with DMLS to build complex aerospace parts for high-temperature and high-strength applications.

The process achieves material properties that are comparable to wrought metals and far exceed casting.

PrimePart FR (PA 2241 FR) is a flame-retardant material particularly suitable for applications in the aerospace industry.

This material, based on PA 12 polyamide, has an 11 per cent elongation at break, which is significantly higher than its predecessor material PA 2210FR.

Also, due to its better refresh rate, PrimePart FR offers increased economic and ecological benefits.

PrimePart ST is a flexible elastomeric material, offering a wide range of mechanical properties depending on the laser-exposure strategy selected.

Via the process control, the material can be converted into a hard- or a soft-type component.

The material’s good refresh rate makes it a valid ecological alternative compared to conventional flexible materials for laser-sintering.

Due to its resilience, PrimePart ST opens up new fields of application, such as flexible fasteners, seals or buffers.

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