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With its new generation of high-speed presses such as the soon-to-be-unveiled Smartline, Schuler offers machines for the production of laminations that are geared to new EU eco-design guidelines.

As of June 2011, manufacturers of motors are only allowed to offer highly efficient asynchronous AC motors in the performance range 0.75kW to 375kW.

These regulations create direct impact on the production of electric motor laminations.

Sculer’s new Smartline presses are designed to provide maximum productivity and part quality with greatly enlarged die areas and much lower die wear.

According to Hans Dieter Jung, divisional manager of the Drivesandgenerators market segment of Schuler Presses, manufacturers currently face three major challenges: ‘With regard to the material to be processed, it is obvious that the share of thinner sheets will increase, as this reduces magnetic loss among other things.

‘In turn, this helps motor manufacturers meet statutory regulations regarding the energy efficiency of their products.

‘The requirements concerning press bed size will continue to grow in future as modern electric motors are based on increasingly complex geometries.

‘And finally, cost pressure will remain high as international competition becomes even fiercer.

‘As machine manufacturers, we need to face these changes and deliver solutions that help our customers compete successfully on the market,’ said Jung.

Schuler’s answer to the changing requirements in lamination production is a high-speed press called Smartline.

The new line is expected to achieve 10 to 30 per cent increases in output, while at the same time offering much larger die-areas with bed lengths of up to 3,300mm.

Only such large die areas make it possible to use correspondingly large-scale progressive dies, which in turn enable the production of electrical motor laminations with geometries that are much more complex.

Schuler claims the real intelligence of the Smartline is the combination of its mechanical and control systems.

This serves to reduce wear and tear on the die and to raise productivity.

Another benefit of the press is its patented depth-penetration control.

This regulates the penetration depth of the upper die with a precision of 1/100mm.

The new feature enables the mechanical interlocking of extremely thin sheet metal, as well as being gentler to the die.

Schuler will present the Smartline at the Blechexpo fair in Stuttgart in June.

The machine can also be seen in operation at the company’s facility in Goeppingen from July onwards.

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