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Newcon Data has introduced a new DDR (Disk Drive Replacement) for the ABB Master automation systems.

The DDR unit is a replacement for the old 5.25in floppy disk drives, DSMD 113 and DSMD 110, and uses a Flash memory for storage (SD card).

The automation system handles an installed DDR as a normal floppy-disk drive.

The old DSMD unit can be removed and the new DDR unit can be installed without switching the power off on the automation system.

The DDR uses built-in buttons to change the active floppy disk, which is indicated on a display in the DDR unit.

The DDR uses SD memory cards with the capacity of storing data corresponding to a maximum of 200 diskettes (1.44 MB format).

The SD memory card in the DDR unit can be changed while the power remains on.

PC software is available as an option, which allows easy backups of the SD memory card directly to a PC computer hard drive.

The PC backup can then easily be restored to an SD memory card.

The product can also be delivered with pre-programmed SD memory cards containing the system software and data for the user’s automation system.

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