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Newport has released a kit for controlling high-power laser diodes and laser diode bars.

These laser diode control kits do not require any water cooling and include a high-power laser diode driver (a 5600-65, 560B, 5700-80-7 or 5700-30-5), a high-power temperature controller (either 3150 or 350B), a 763H Series high-power laser diode mount and the required interconnect cables.

Just add the high-power bar diode of choice and users can have all the precision control over temperature and current required.

The kits come in several different types.

The FSBAR-Kit is for free space diode bars such as Newport’s Prolite DCS Series open heat sink diode bars.

The FCBAR-Kit is suitable for fibre-coupled diode bars such as Newport’s Prolite BW or CW Series.

The only difference between the two kits is the version of the 763H series mount that is included.

For the free space version, the diode’s optical output is aligned with the edge of the mount, while it is set back from the edge for fibre-coupled versions.

Both versions can provide up to 65A of diode driver current, and sink up to 75W of waste diode heat.

A special version of the kit, called the FCSE-Kit, is also offered for use with Newport’s SF Series fibre-coupled single emitters.

With this kit, a model 560B laser diode driver, and 350B temperature controller is included, as well as special interface cables for the 763H-FC mount.

This kit will provide up to 6A of diode current and plenty of thermal capacity for a single high-power diode.

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