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Nexcom UK has introduced the NISE 3100e: an enhanced version of the NISE 3100 fanless industrial PC.

NISE 3100e retains a number of features of the NISE 3100 platform, such as the fanless design, multiple input/output (I/O) interfaces and compact dimensions.

However, with a number of enhancements and long-term support, the NISE 3100e offers improved performance at a reduced cost, according to the company.

NISE 3100e is based on the Intel 910GMLE and ICH6M chipsets, which feature high scalability with support for various performance levels of Intelapentium-M and Celerona M processors.

The memory module has been upgraded from DDR to DDR2 and the IDE HDD has been replaced by a SATA HDD.

The platform now supports Gigabit Ethernet local-area-network connection.

The NISE3100e series still provides an expansion capability by offering either one PCI, two PCI slots or one Combo.

Utilising the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900, NISE 3100e is claimed to feature an excellent graphics capability/3D performance.

NISE 3100e supports a range of voltage inputs from 16VDC to 30VDC – the mainstream voltage range in the industrial automatic market.

In addition, NISE 3100e supports various embedded operating systems including Windows CE, Windows XP Embedded and Linux.

It is a suitable computing platform for various industrial applications, including industrial automation, industrial control, vending machines, self-service kiosks or infotainment machines.

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