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Nexus GB has added the NFX managed memory token to its product range, which provides portable data transport for use in OEM systems controlled by embedded microprocessors.

Manufactured by Datakey Electronics, the tokens are used to transport data to and from non-networked electronic devices, deployed in any environment.

The NFX features an SPI (service provider interface) for simple direct connection to microprocessors and a storage capacity from 128MB to 1GB.

Nexus GB believes that the functionality provided by the NFX series results in a data token more suited to the needs of OEMs than that offered by consumer solutions, such as camera cards and USB sticks.

The NFX’s long-term availability, total system ownership, rugged build and reliability are said to meet the needs of embedded systems.

In addition, the tokens provide an efficient command set and on-board file management system, which eases the host microprocessor’s load, decreasing both hardware requirements and firmware complexity.

Long-term availability of the tokens is ensured by configuration controlling the token’s electrical, mechanical and software interfaces for each OEM program.

This virtually eliminates the re-qualifications OEMs perform due to the accelerating obsolescence of mass-market memory devices.

This configuration control effectively eliminates the need for in field updating of deployed OEM equipment due to data carrier obsolescence.

‘Our “managed memory” concept means that the device provides OEMs with control over all of its critical aspects,’ said Victoria Barrett, Nexus GB marketing director.

‘They can manage the file system, be assured of long-term availability, source the entire data carrier and receptacle structure from a single point and easily manage implementation,’ she added.

The NFX token’s electronics are solid over-moulded.

The redundant contact system and 50,000 cycle mating receptacle design have been used in other Datakey products extreme conditions, including military, medical and industrial applications.

The token also features several customisable write-once registers that can be used for encryption seeds, one-time use flags or write protect flags.

This enables protection of onboard data and the distribution or sale of software, firmware upgrades or recipes.

Nexus GB supports the NFX with a complete line of peripherals including mating receptacles and development kits designed to help embedded designers reduce RandD costs, bring products to market more quickly and reduce technical risk.

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