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Somers Forge selected NGC CAM as an easy to use, reliable CAM software package suitable for shop-floor programming that was compatible with Solidworks software and their DEPO machine tools.

With over 130 years experience in heavy engineering, Somers Forge, based in the West Midlands, UK, works in a variety of materials ranging from carbon steel through to super alloys and specialised nonferrous alloys.

Since introducing CNC machines with NCG CAM, Somers Forge has had some jobs reduced from 300 hours to just under 30 hours.

The software also allows drilling and milling on the same machine tool and eliminates further operations on parts by using the 3+2.

NCG CAM is simple to program at the machine tool, allowing users to open the model and create the programme in minimal time.

Its ease of use and reliability means users are confident running lights-out machining, saving valuable time.

Somers Forge are now able to dedicate one machine tool to roughing and carry on with other operations on other machines, such as rest roughing, 3+2 axis and trimming back to stock models, thus utilising both machines to maximum capacity.

The software makes it easy to drill multiple holes that have different depths, but the same diameter, using just one command.

Furthermore, when drilling using 3+2 axis, operators do not need to worry about the angle of the hole as NCG CAM always finds the correct place.

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