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OxTS has won a contract to supply NHTSA, a division of the US Department of Transportation, with its RT-Range measurement systems.

NHTSA will use the RT-Range systems to make standardised tests for developing advanced driver-assistance systems, such as forward-collision warning or lane-departure warning.

Brendan Watts, director of OxTS, said: ‘Many of our automotive customers use the RT-Range to develop driver-assistance systems.

‘Now their tests should automatically comply with the North American testing standard, which will be introduced by NHTSA.’ This measurement system tests and verifies the accuracy of radar, LIDAR and other sensors used by driver-assistance systems.

An RT-Range system accurately measures the relative motion between vehicles and their lane positions.

These systems output all measurements of a hunter and a target vehicle in real-time.

A CAN bus output allows direct connection to existing data-acquisition systems.

The RT-Range is ideal for tests with multiple vehicles and balloon cars and allows car-to-pedestrian tracking with an RT-Backpack system.

It allows car manufacturers to easily reproduce all possible traffic scenarios to test driver-assistance features.

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