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At MEE, Alcad will be illustrating the role played by its nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) technology in critical industrial process, oil and gas and renewable energy installations in the Middle East.

Visitors will be able to see Alcad’s portfolio of batteries designed to deliver power, safety, reliability and optimised TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), including Vantex batteries developed for high-temperature applications and the solar range for off-grid renewable energy storage.

Alcad is also highlighting its completely updated and revised website that provides information on all its batteries, including data sheets and sizing tools.

Alcad’s Vantex range of pocket-plate Ni-Cd batteries are designed to deliver high performance, reliability and optimised total cost of ownership (TCO), even in the most demanding high-temperature stationary applications – such as in offshore oil and gas applications, utilities, electricity substations, process plant and remote installations.

They are capable of operating over long periods at high ambient temperatures of up to 40C with very little maintenance.

A Vantex battery may require just one topping-up operation during its service life.

Alcad is also displaying its range of Ni-Cd single-cell batteries that ensure long and dependable service across a variety of demanding emergency back-up, UPS, engine starting and storage applications.

The inherently intermittent nature of renewable-energy sources requires reliable, efficient energy-storage systems to ensure continuity of customer supply.

In many cases, renewable-energy systems are installed in remote areas, accessible only in good weather, so ease of transportation and low maintenance is a key consideration.

Alcad Solar batteries provide energy storage for PV (photovoltaic) systems and wind turbines in standalone and hybrid power installations.

They act as a method of time shifting power from peak generation to peak demand and also act as a bridge while the network switches between generation modes.

Alcad Solar batteries require minimal maintenance, can withstand daily shallow cycles and seasonal deep cycles, and operate reliably in temperatures ranging from -30 to 50C.

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