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Nicomatic showcased interconnect solutions and metal dome switching technology for all types of man-machine interface at the recent Compamed international trade fair.

The company’s connectors are produced using materials that meet high test standards and are constructed using military-grade materials (MIL-DTL-83513 microminiature connectors and MIL-DTL-55302F connectors, including plugs and receptacles, for printed circuit subassembly), such as beryllium copper and special PPS polyphenylene sulphide fibreglass-filled thermoplastic.

Pins and sockets are made of beryllium copper, while tails and contact areas are made of a copper alloy that is plated with nickel and gold.

Insulators are moulded using a fibreglass-filled thermoplastic that exceeds some temperature and chemical requirements, has no humidity absorption, shows high radiation resistance and is oxygen free, according to the company.

Specific application testing and certification for performance is all that is needed to ensure that the final design meets medical application requirements.

Manufacturers and designers face a number of challenges with electromedical devices.

As devices get smaller, tighter and more compact, there are safety issues to consider.

During 2009, Nicomatic has launched nine products and has deposited patents and trademarks.

Almost all are said to be in response to the electronic miniaturisation problem and to the high-level requirements for interconnect systems that withstand demanding-use conditions.

The company claims that its connectors – whether flexible or rigid – can save design time and minimise costs in medical applications.

The newly launched Micro-D Mix connector series DMM is a connector system with a high density, a mixed layout and a metal shield for harsh use.

It offers a higher density and lower profile than Micro-D, high modularity, an anti-shock function, EMI protection by built-in shielding or grounding and a high resistance to exterior factors.

The existing CMM micro-connectors have built-in screwjacks for extreme vibration resistance and offer a range of other options including polarisation, printed-circuit-board (PCB) fixing hardware and 94 UL VO-rated plastic backshells for applications ranging from wire-to-wire and wire-to-equipment through to surface-mount or press-fit PCBs.

Male-screened straight and right-angled and female-screened crimp connectors are available.

Screen continuity is assured by the use of spring finger contacts.

The Nicomatic housing material is durable and can withstand temperatures of up to 260C.

The company has also launched the Microflex harness solution.

It ensures a high mechanical link and electrical continuity between CMM micro-connectors and flat-cable Crimpflex technology mastered by the connector company.

Some of the advantages are a lower weight (gain up to -30 per cent compared to bulky cables), a smaller space factor (2mm pitch), a flat and thin solution versus discrete wire and high reliability.

The new 4D floating connector allows 4D tolerance absorption in blind mating connections for racks, in flex links in card-to-card modules and in chassis mount.

Components are available for MMI applications such as Switch’Air metal domes, dome arrays, SMT domes, tactile and pinching switches (P-Switch and T-Switch are applicable to a number of medical devices comprising man-machine interfaces).

These components, all manufactured by Nicomatic, are claimed to be thin, resistant, reliable and long lasting over time.

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