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Nicomatic specialises in the development and manufacture of interconnect solutions and metal dome switching technology for all types of man-machine interfaces.

Known for its Crimpflex interconnection system, the company provides crimp connectors and jumper cables.

Nicomatic manufactures all styles of flat flexible cables (FFCs) and jumper cables for medical device applications.

The company has UL approval for numerous styles and most cables are rated for 105C and as much as 300V.

Nicomatic also stocks bulk cable in 2.54mm pitch in most sizes.

Its FFC cables are used in a variety of products including from all types of commercial and industrial applications.

Confined-space conditions are serious obstacles in putting complex round cables to work, especially when high-flex performance is required, according to the company.

The Nicomatic line of tailor-made and standard cables is said to need less space and offer good flex-life capabilities.

As all the elements in the cable are of identical length, mechanical tensile stress is distributed evenly over all conductors.

For crimped cables with Nicomatic contacts and solder tabs, the Crimpflex patent is based on high mechanical strength and low contact resistance.

Flat cables are used in medical applications such as medical robots, testing equipment, hearing aids, patient monitoring, radiography, nuclear medicine and endoscopy.

One of the most recent developments is in protecting the cable with a shielded function that has been developed for special applications.

The shielding option is adaptable in terms of flexibility as the cable should not lose its flex quality.

Nicomatic cables are a thin, light, resistant and flexible solution, available in a new pitch (1.27mm) for higher miniaturisation and complexity, better protection thanks to new shielded option, gold contacts for signal integrity and wider configuration possibilities.

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