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Nikon Metrology has launched the MCT225 HA system, which provides high-accuracy metrology computed tomography (CT) for a range of sample sizes and material densities.

According to the company, all internal and external geometry is measured efficiently in a single non-destructive process, while a full 3D visualisation of the sample volume provides insights into part deformations and internal structural integrity.

Dimensional characteristics such as size, position and form can be measured directly using the model, as well as full part-to-CAD comparison, section reporting and GD&T analysis.

The MCT225 HA system uses the in-house-developed 225kV micro-focus X-ray source, which is actively cooled for thermal stability. The X-ray, in combination with the high-resolution panel detector, is claimed to produce very sharp images with low noise levels, enabling magnification levels up to 200x.

Nikon claims that the system is suitable for manufacturers seeking to benefit from reduced lead times and inspection cycles.

Key features and specifications

  • 3.8L/50µm MPE
  • Accuracy in accordance with the VDI/VDE 2630 guideline
  • High-precision manipulator guideways equipped with high-resolution optical encoders
  • No external vibration influences
  • Temperature-controlled interior designed to minimise thermal effects

Nikon Metrology yields the most complete and innovative metrology offering. Our reliable and innovative metrology solutions respond to the advanced and time-restricted inspection requirements of manufacturers active in consumer, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical and other industries.

The following products lines are now available in the portfolio:

Co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs)

Designed and manufactured with a heritage of more than 45 years’ experience and expertise, LK CMM’s deliver the ability to perform dimensional, positional and surface measurement in one system. Combined with a range of contact and non-contact sensors, Nikon Metrology CMMs have multi-sensor capability.

Portable arms and optical CMM

Combining Nikon’s ModelMaker scanner with a seven-axis MCAx articulated measuring arm results in a powerful measuring system that’s easy to use.

To inspect larger parts, K-Scan MMDx with optical CMM allows the operator to freely walk around and scan as desired.

Laser scanning

Laser scanners capture the entire part geometry for inspection or reverse-engineering purposes, covering both freeform surfaces and geometric features. Laser scanners are used with CMMs, articulated arms, optical CMMs or even robots.

X-ray and computed tomography (CT)

Nikon Metrology’s X-ray and CT inspection systems provide detailed insight into the internal structure of parts. Typically used for inspection of loaded PCBs, compact castings and plastics, these imaging systems facilitate detection of connectivity failures, material defects and assembly issues.

Our UK X-Ray Centre of Excellence offers a contract inspection service. This comprehensive bureau service is bookable by the hour, day or scan for radiographic and CT imaging

Vision systems

Nikon’s CNC video measuring systems cover precision optical and digital imaging systems for inspection and non-contact surface inspection.

Microscopes/optical inspection systems

Measuring microscopes focus on industrial measuring and image analysis, designed for complete digital control for maximum measuring accuracy. Nikon’s industrial microscopes serve a wide range of visual inspection applications. Our microscope portfolio includes the portable ShuttlePix, which allows users to pick it up and take images and measurements anywhere needed.

Large-scale measuring/positioning

The Laser Radar is a large-scale system that performs fully automated, non-contact measurement and inspection up to 60m.

The iGPS is a modular, large-volume tracking system used in manufacturing and assembly, enabling factory-wide localisation of multiple objects with metrology accuracy.

Nikon Metrology also provides a full range of software solutions for CMM and point-cloud-based inspection and reverse-engineering applications.

The product portfolio is completed with comprehensive support, metrology and integration services.

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