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The SMZ745T trinocular stereomicroscope is the latest addition to the Nikon stereo zoom microscope range.

By optimising the design of the Greenough optical system, Nikon has developed a 7.5x zoom, as well as incorporating an optical path switch and built-in camera port to simplify digital imaging.

Together with a 115mm working distance, this ensures the SMZ745T is suitable for observation and digital image capture in industrial and biomedical applications.

Nikon said that the high zoom magnification offers excellent optical performance, while the zoom range of 0.67x to 5x provides a broad observation span.

When the auxiliary objective lens and eyepiece lens are combined, the total magnification range is 3.35x to 300x.

The adoption of a total reflection prism has resulted in bright, high-contrast images.

The SMZ745T incorporates an optical path switch that enables easy switchover between eyepiece and camera.

The zoom body is equipped with a built-in trinocular camera port and 0.55x C-mount adapter, which permits direct mounting of any Nikon DS Series digital camera and simplifies the process of observation and image capture with a monitor.

As well as high zoom ratio and magnification, the SMZ745T offers a 115mm working distance, providing enough room for access to and manipulation of large samples.

The zoom control is equipped with a click stop for each magnification, which is useful for calibration of sizes.

The SMZ745T is suitable for various applications and environments.

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is standard and the anti-mould design in the interior of the zoom body allows the microscope to be used in environments where temperature and humidity are high.

Optional illumination accessories are available for various applications and tasks.

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