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Nikon Metrology is exhibiting the MCA II range of articulated arms, which can carry out inspection tasks at any indoor and outdoor location, at Control 2010, which runs until 7 May.

The MCA II series has a measurement volume between 1.8m and 3.6m in diameter.

Equipped with the new Modelmaker MMDx, the MCA II is a modern and accurate handheld scanning combination that handles every inspection task, regardless of specimen size, material and location.

Driven by a growing market demand for faster and more detailed inspection, articulated measuring arms are increasingly equipped with laser scanners to realise a digital inspection process (DIP).

The concept of digitising samples upfront and running inspection on the digital copies of the samples offers flexibility and automation benefits, according to the company.

An MCA II articulated arm can operate as a portable standalone metrology solution.

Wireless data transmission transfers point co-ordinates to the user’s laptop, while a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery offers hours of measurement autonomy.

Equipped with infinite-rotation arm joints, rotating grips and an integrated pneumatic counterbalance, MCA II arms support single-handed operation.

Advanced carbon fibre makes arm tubes lightweight and 25 times more thermally stable than aluminium.

Automatic probe recognition on the MCA II simplifies probe exchange, even when combining laser scanning and tactile measuring in a single inspection job.

MCA II incorporates premium Heidenhain rotary encoder technology.

Six-axis 1.8m articulated arms realise 16 microns in a volumetric length accuracy test, which determines the length measurement accuracy of the arm across its entire workspace.

Subjected to the same test, Nikon’s MCA II 1.8m seven-axis Metrology series achieves 25-micron accuracy, complementing the high-precision Modelmaker MMDx.

Digitising entire parts and processing the acquired point clouds in Focus Inspection or any third-party software speeds up the digital inspection process.

Nikon supplies a complete handheld scanning solution, including an MCA II articulated arm, digital Modelmaker scanners and fully featured Focus point-cloud processing software.

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