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Nilfisk is launching a complete steamer range to complement its floor care products.

The steam cleaners instantly steam and sanitise surfaces using superheated steam, and offer the benefit of being environmentally friendly, reducing the use of water and detergent by up to 80 per cent.

Suitable for a range of indoor and outdoor applications, the steam cleaners are said to be an ideal complement to Nilfisk’s floor care range.

The company’s development team is launching seven models, ranging from the SO4500 at 4.5 bar pressure to the MD8000 at 8 bar.

Models are provided with hoses and extension tubes and are available with and without a vacuum function.

Dry steam cleaning offers many advantages over alternative methods.

Soft materials such as upholstery and blinds can be cleaned in situ.

Materials and surfaces are left clean and odour free with minimal amounts of water residue.

Mould, bacteria, mildew and any remaining chemical contaminants are easily removed.

Glass and mirrors are often left with smears of chemical residue after normal cleaning; it is this residue that attracts dust and dirt.

Dry steam cleaning leaves glass and mirrors streak-free and clear of chemicals.

Non-chemical sanitisation is possible by the use of a vacuum facility with the steam cleaner.

Steam loosens the bacteria, which are then sucked into the recovery tank.

Chlorine tablets placed in the recovery tank add to the anti-bacteria effect.

Nilfisk said independent laboratory research was conducted in 2008 to investigate the antimicrobial efficiency of machines with the vacuum facility.

Tests confirmed >99.99 per cent removal of all challenge organisms under dirty conditions.

Four of the Nilfisk steamer models are approved on the Water Technology List of the government’s Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme.

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